IFTTT Location Triggers

Hi - I am wanting to use IFTTT location triggers more extensively but find they generally don’t work. I have spoken to IFTTT help about this and they say they are working on improving it.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you found a way to make that trigger work?

Thanks, Brian

You could try using the Pushcut app to trigger an IFTTT applet via a background request to a webhook (here “if”). I’m pretty sure that it worked reasonably well for me - though the last time I used it was pre-Covid restrictions when I was moving around more frequently.

Thanks for suggesting this

I believe they corrected this with a new update per IFTTT Twitter account

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You can read the full thread as to what has been done

Hi - thanks for replying. I did a test on this today but it still didn’t work. I will have another look.

Do you think if I delete and reinstall the IFTTT app on my iPhone, that might be a good idea? As I say I tried it today and it failed again.

Do you have v4.34.4 installed now? The Twitter account wasn’t clear on it, but that version roughly maps to the time they tweeted.

Removing and reinstalling the app would only help if the app was corrupted or some bad data was left over), which is pretty rare. Obviously, there is nothing stopping you from Tring it on the off chance that you are in one of those rare positions.

There are many other potentially more likely causes, including of course that your version is outdated, the bug fixes only addressed the issue the engineer replicated and not necessarily all issues that all users have experienced, etc.

Well, interestingly, I checked the status of my IFTTT app in the App Store and found that an update was waiting for me. I have downloaded it, created a new location based applet and will test it tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help on this. :grinning:

Ok - so I set up a new applet for when I left a location this morning. It triggered, but I didn’t receive the notification until about 4.5 hrs later. Is this other people’s experience?

What does the execution log on the IFTTT web site say about when it was triggered? That should tell you if it was a delay in the app or the web service - assuming your email is polled regularly too.

This is the log. Thanks for suggesting this. I’m still not sure how to resolve this.

Looking at that log, the trigger occurred at 09:36 and the email action ran at 14:09. That’s a delay in the processing on the IFTTT servers and so should be reported to them.

As a next step I would see if I could reproduce an unreasonable delay. If it is just a one off, I would not report it and chalk it up to a temporary glitch. But, I would keep a note of this occurrence. If I could reproduce it a second time, I would report it.

At the bottom of their web site is a help link. Select that then select “Leave us a Message”. Send them details including the screenshots of any delays, a link to the applet (that should give them the internal ID), your account plan level (free/pro/pro+), your observations and your expectations about what a reasonable delay might be.

Many thanks for this. I’m out tomorrow so I’ll set up a trigger for the venue I’m visiting and see when/if the trigger fires and when.