IFTTT control Homebridge "devices"

So as many have run into, Apple still will not allow a personal automation to run without user intervention on location arriving and leaving events. (There are ways to handle the privacy concerns outside of just NOT allowing it.)

To that end, I am trying to come up with other options with tools I am already using (although if other options please let me know).

Long story short I have several shortcuts that I have built to manage various home automations that will factor in if myself and/or wife is home. To be able to manage across both of us, the approach I have taken is to setup a “dummy” switch in Homebridge that will be turned on when each of us is home or turned off when not home (one switch per person).

THe shortcut works minus the asking to run (and if you forget to click it, well too bad)… So my new approach was to use IFTTT which also can trigger on location arrival and leaving. However, every integration I see for Homebridge is to allow Homebridge to trigger IFTTT actions using WebHooks and such. I need IFTTT to see the devices my Homebridge has (specifically these “dummy” switches) and be able to set them to “on” or “off” as needed.

Anyone have thoughts?