If statements lose condition and value

Has anyone else had problems when if statements sometimes lose condition options and even when they return, lose the comparison value.
Adding a new if doesn’t solve the problem.
Sometimes exiting and reloading gets the condition options, but still the comparison value is missing!
How can I get the if statement working properly?

Shortcuts has certainly had more than what could reasonably be considered it’s fair share of stability issues in recent years, but I haven’t seen what you are describing in my own use.

Is it occurring on any particular platform/device? Are you able to reliably reproduce th effect such that others may be able to attempt to reproduce it? Or is it all just apparently random?

Also, just to confirm as 'tis the season, you are not running a beta OS are you?

Hi, not running beta (I don’t bother with that). I could, to a certain extent reproduce the effect, whe I inserted a Set Variable in the “then” part, the if condition & comparison variable disappeared, in that if, and in a previous if. Then deleting (not undoing) the set variable, those conditions and values were restored!
It happened consistently, I tried moving stuff around, outside of the menu conditions, rebuilding bits again, but still it seemed to be playing up. Eventually, not sure how, I managed to make it stick, and got it working, so I’m reluctant to mess with it again!
Here’s a screen shot of the area in question, I highlighted the offending set variable…