Identifying Files With a Specific Amount of Tags With Hazel

Hi Everyone,
I use a tagging system for folders to be moved to the network drive in a specific folder substructure but sometimes I forget to add a tag. I want to make a rule that if it sees less than 4 tags a notification would pop up to remind me to complete the tags. It usually goes like this:

Brand, Year, Season, Type of Work

An example result would be something like
2020 drive > Fall > Brand > Brand Packaging > [Target Project Folder]

Is there a way to identify files with a specific amount of tags with Hazel? I tried Tags - Do Not Match but I don’t know what to match. I tried using “Anything” 3 times but that didn’t result.

You may be able to do this with AppleScript.

The label index Finder element may be useful for this. I don’t have an example to share, but this may give you a lead to pursue