Ideas on Siri + HomePod Integration

Does anyone know if it’s possible to check which type of device responded to a “Hey Siri” event? If it’s possible to identify the type of device as iPhone, iPad, or HomePod; I would like to switch the Scriptable code that is executed for each device. For example, if iPhone/iPad, display a table or webview of expected results; if HomePod, speak the results in a specific manner – almost like creating an Alexa skill for the HomePod.

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You have Device which has isPad and isPhone - if it’s neither of those it will be a HomePod I presume :slight_smile: However there is also model.

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Awesome, thanks for the help! I’ll give those solutions a try :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, shortcuts started from the HomePod really runs on the iPhone so Scriptable cannot tell the two apart.


Ah ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the help @simonbs ! I think I’ll end up writing two versions of my code then. Depending on my query to Siri, it will run one version that speaks a bit more through Siri and is more wordy, which will be specific to the HomePod; and my other version will display my data in webview/table on iPad/iPhone. Not an elegant solution, but good enough for my purposes. Thanks again for all of the help everyone, you all saved me lots of sanity and time!

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