Ideas for “mail to Apple Notes”?

Seems I’m on an ever quest to replace Evernote. I’m motivated, once again, with some of the changes coming in iOS 13 and Catalina. Particularly shared folders (solves a need I have with my personal use cases)

In the referenced post I mention “Poor conversion of notes” and “Lack of search support” as 2 deal breakers. I’ve realized I can work around both of these issues, albeit in a less than ideal manner. I’ve decided to bifurcate my workflow. That is, continued use of Evernote at work and Notes for personal use. Some of the varying benefits of the 2 products support these separate broad use cases. At work, ubiquitous spotlight search is key. For that, Evernote wins (by a long shot) except when this happens.

For all other use, I enjoy the ease of capturing content in Notes and certainly the accessibility across my Macs and iOS devices. Multi-device accessibility is not a big deal at work. Yes, Evernote is accessible everywhere, but I find Notes to be a far more pleasing experience.

This brings me to my question. As I’ve been using (and enjoying) Notes more and more I realize just how much I miss the email to Evernote service

Has anybody come up with a reasonable work around on both Mac and iOS? I’m well familiar with options on both platforms to print as PDF and save the PDF in Notes. In the absence of anything else, I can continue with that as a partial solution. That method won’t handle emails with attachments.

I’m seeking a solution that allows me to simply create an Apple Note with the email body text (not a link to the original email), ideally with formatting intact, and all attachments.

I use Apple Mail on both iOS and Mac, though am willing to consider alternatives if 3rd party email clients in some way offer solution.

If I roll my own solution, I imagine Keyboard Maestro / AppleScript will be my path for Mac. Not sure yet best options to do this on iOS. But first, I wanted to tap the wisdom and experience of this group… any pioneers that can share ideas or solutions? Thanks — jay

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Hi Jay, I’ve just posted a Keyboard Maestro macro to save text from Safari to Notes on Mac OS. I think that you can easily adapt it to work with the Mail app: Saving web quotes to Notes

@fernando thank you for the response.

I do have a partial Mac solution in place but am struggling with some strange Apple Mail behaviors related to attachments. Unable to save attachments from email, either via AppleScript (permission errors) or even directly through the Apple Mail>File>Save Attachments… menu choice. Perplexing problem but haven’t had time to dive in too deeply.