Idea1 : Attach captions to images/screenshots

Goal | Add extra space for images, so as to add feedback/captions


Currently I don’t have enough space to make comments on a screenshot


Add extra padding to a screenshot in order to make comments

Steps to Reproduce ========>
Gather image
Set mask offset at bottom to provide padding

I was hoping to gain some insight from the Photo Grid (advanced version) shortcut, but it is very long and ,without the basic understanding of why certain calculations are done, I need some more help.

You can probably change the settings on this one to meet your needs.

It puts a white border around a selected image from Photos. The border is percentage based, and can be adjusted independently for each side in the dictionary at the top of the shortcut.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, I made some changes to the percentages, mainly the bottom padding. I included your name in the title, as well as mine because you did most of the work and I just modified some things. I have provided a link to the finished product.

The changes made are in the initial comments at the top of the shortcut.

Attach captions to image | sylumer and win7guru

Attached is the changes made and the reason why.