Idea: View Text Replacements from shortcuts app

A while back, I made an attempt, albeit an unsuccessful one, to view the text replacements from within the  Shortcuts app.


I want to be able to retrieve all of the text replacements I’ve created (over 500) without having to manually enter them in Ulysses (although it does sound fun). However, I was unable to achieve this, because it requires access to a file in the innards of iOS.


Retrieve the SQLite file, convert it to text or JSON and export it to one of my writing apps for easy viewing.

I’ve provided my poor attempt at achieving this so far.

I think at this point in time, you might find iOS sandboxing is going to limit easy access to the SQLite database. Do those URLs work for you? I tried typing in one to double check, but it just seemed to search indefinitely

BTW it is typically best to share a shortcut link, with, or instead of just a screenshot.

As for transforming the database to another data format, that would probably be quite cumbersome, if at all possible in Shortcuts. The file format of the SQLite database isn’t a simple flat file its a more complex structure and includes a number of internal paging structures by the looks of it -

Ok here goes Text Replacements Viewer attempt