Idea : Twitter Counter shortcut

I’m trying to make a Twitter Counter shortcut, which does the following
Steps to Reproduce ========>
Provide Text that will be the tweet [x]
Add character threshold of 280 [x]
Calculate how many characters in tweet [x]
Text alert of whether threshold has been met [x]

Came up with this.

Thank you, I will look at it. I appreciate this.
Looked at it and made some tweaks, while still retaining the original vision. Here is the new version Twitter Counter revised

My next task is to create an option to continue typing the tweet after the “you still have X amount of characters left” alert.

Idea1 : Create separate if then to act as a goto start
Idea2 : Add Tweet Magic variable to clipboard, then ask user to continue, then paste the clipboard and continue typing (append).

I’ll work on this, but if you have some tips, they would be greatly appreciated.

This is my latest version.

I plan on looking at it tonight.