Idea | Calculating the time between current date and last updated

I want to make a template for apps that haven’t been updated in a while. I want to do this by calculating time between current date and the date the app was last updated. I keep getting an error like this

Cannot convert article to date
Cannot convert text to App Store app

I feel this would be a great tool to see if an app is worth my time, or if I have to delete it. As the comment says in the shortcut, I have upwards of 500 apps and thus I can’t even add home screen shortcuts because they don’t show up.

Calculating dates for template

This is annoying to do, and I fought with it a lot. What I did was first, stat with a date in ISO format (2019-02-17 11:00:00 UTC) then the command is just get time between %DATE% and #CurrentDate#. Check exactly what you input is and what format it is.

I tried this, as well as adding to the notes output, but the result says nothing was passed. Please show me a picture of what you mean.

Here is the updated shortcut. Time between dates newer

Here is the date logic working (sheer luck) Date works now

Added some nice prompts that include app name