ID from date and time (unicode 35)

I’m trying to create a date-time related ID I can incorporate into a drafts note (for a zettelkasten like archive)

If I try to format date output like this

yyyyMMddhhmmss (which would fit the unicode format?) I somehow am never able to get f.e. 20210423120549

Anyone know if shortcuts can do this at all?

I’ve tried expanding a TE snippet in Drafts when I create the note, but thats not always working the way I’d like it to.

This is how the date format comes out for me in Shortcuts.

The only string change I made was for the hours.

Can you share your shortcut and highlight what isn’t as per your expectations.

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I think that was the problem, hh is for a 12 hour clock and HH for 24 hour clock.

Thanks to Alex Hay, creator of Toolbox Pro for the cheat sheet.

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HH was one of the issues indeed, thats @sylumer
The other one was that somehow my shortcut was using the wrong date instance…
don’t know how it happened

Thanks all!