iCloud Shortcut Link not working for me in IOS 14.7

When I try to create an iCloud Shortcut Link I get an “In order to do this, you must be signed into iCloud.” message. I’m pretty sure I am signed into iCloud. Does anyone on the betas successfully creating iCloud links? If so can you send a screenshot of what setting I need on for iCloud to be signed in.

I have not had this message yet, and have shared shortcut links on the beta’s (last I shared was yesterday)

Interesting. I wonder if it’s because I’m using iPhone 6s?

Maybe log out and log in again just to be sure?

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The 6s is my main (and only) iPhone. I’m also on beta right now. I have not had this issue.

I turned iCloud Shortcut toggle button off then on. It fixed it. I feel foolish. Should have tried that first. Thanks.

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