iCloud more reliable than Obsidian Sync with Shortcuts?

I’ve set up a series of Shortcuts automations that make an entry on my Obsidian daily note when I leave or arrive at my office or home. This worked very reliably when using iCloud to sync my Obsidian notes.

I recently decided to try out Obsidian Sync for the encryption and supposedly better reliability. But I’m finding that the same shortcuts do not reliably update when I sync with Obsidian Sync—taking many minutes for the update on the iPhone to reach my Mac, and other times not updating at all until/unless I open Obsidian on the phone.

Is this just a shortcoming/inherent problem with a sync service that isn’t Apple’s? Are other folks able to modify Obsidian files with Shortcuts on their phone and have them sync across quickly?

I have a couple of days to cancel my Obsidian Sync purchase, so any input appreciated.


I think Obsidian sync will only run when the app is in the foreground (or recently switched from), much like it will only sync on other operating systems if the app is open. There is nothing sitting separately in the background to run sync - unlike iCloud which is deeply integrated into the Apple operating systems.

This discussion also supports this view.

Unfortunately, the documentation does not explicitly cover this point for a definitive confirmation/explanation.

Thanks very much.

I’m switching back to iCloud. Goes to show I shouldn’t mess with what’s working.