iCloud Drive - Getting Share Link?

I do a lot of misc. little one-off “here’s how to do _____” screenshots, and I need to be able to quickly share them with a customer. Most of these people don’t have iCloud, and I’ve previously been using Dropbox - but I cancelled my super-size Dropbox package recently, so I’m trying to use iCloud.

I like the Dropbox-style sharing (“anybody who has the link can view”), so currently I:

  • Create the file
  • Right-click the file
  • Pick “Add People”
  • Share Options -> Who Can Access -> “Anyone with the link”
  • Share Options -> Permission -> “View only”
  • Pick “Copy Link”

That’s a lot of steps that would be nice to be able to automate. Or even being able to set the “Share Options” defaults to what I pretty much always use would be awesome.

I have Keyboard Maestro available already, if that helps.

Any thoughts?