iCloud Drive - Getting Share Link?

I do a lot of misc. little one-off “here’s how to do _____” screenshots, and I need to be able to quickly share them with a customer. Most of these people don’t have iCloud, and I’ve previously been using Dropbox - but I cancelled my super-size Dropbox package recently, so I’m trying to use iCloud.

I like the Dropbox-style sharing (“anybody who has the link can view”), so currently I:

  • Create the file
  • Right-click the file
  • Pick “Add People”
  • Share Options -> Who Can Access -> “Anyone with the link”
  • Share Options -> Permission -> “View only”
  • Pick “Copy Link”

That’s a lot of steps that would be nice to be able to automate. Or even being able to set the “Share Options” defaults to what I pretty much always use would be awesome.

I have Keyboard Maestro available already, if that helps.

Any thoughts?

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Bump… looking to do the same. Will probably have to use keyboard maestro UI scripting.

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@webwalrus & @majordouble it’s just a question of whether…

macOS Catalina



macOS Big Sur



Whoa, how are you doing all that magic? What’s the window that pops up when you invoke it at the beginning with the right swipe on the trackpad?

Very cool stuff!

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No @joshautomator no magic only Keyboard Maestro in combination with BetterTouchTool :wink:

The popup window is a Keyboard Maestro macro group, also called conflict palette, which I created for all apps with individual actions.
Similar to the macOS context menu, but with more functions.

Here is my Keyboard Maestro Finder Palette:

Since I work a lot with the mouse and trackpad and can’t/won’t remember dozens of shortcuts, I call up the Keyboard Maestro palette with a BetterTouchTool gesture.
This always appears directly at the cursor.

This video is an example of how I can access various templates and presets in ScreenFlow quickly and efficiently.


The only thing I have to remember are only a few touch gestures :wink:

One more think… :point_down:



There goes my afternoon. I need to implement that, stat.

@RosemaryOrchard: I’ve just found your next guest for Automators podcast… you’re welcome!

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