iBeacons sometimes not firing


I’m having issues with iBeacon triggers intermittently not firing on my iPhone X. If I toggle Bluetooth on/off it seems to temporarily fix the issue until the cycle repeats. I have Pushcut location settings to always allow in privacy settings. I’m using iOS 13.4.1.

Any thoughts?

  1. What is your unimpeded line of sight proximity for the iBeacon?
  2. Is it a battery powered iBeacon?
  3. Do you have the same issue with all iBeacons? By same/differing brands/models.
  4. When is you last restart your iPhone?
  1. Line of site is less than six feet
  2. iBeacons are USB powered
  3. This issue occurs with all of my iBeacons (RadBeacon) brand.
  4. iPhone was restarted yesterday
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hi, sorry to hear you are having issues. a few more questions from my side:

are you using arriving or leaving as trigger?

also, I know that iOS will “blacklist” beacons that it deems behaving weird. eg: turning a beacon off and on a couple times for testing while your phone is near will cause this “ignoring phase”… maybe that is happing?

@sliemeobn I was wondering - when using iBeacons as location trigger, can I automatically run a shortcuts actions without first getting the notification from Shortcut that I need to tap to run the shortcut? Can I fully automate a shortcut triggered by iBeacon with Pushcut?

you can, but only by using the Pushcut Automation Server.

that means your “mobile” device can have an iBeacon background trigger configured that executes a shortcut on your separate Automation Server device.

it is not technically possible to run it on your actual phone in the background.

So you can use iBeacon trigger on one different mobile device to run a shortcut on the Automation Server device? And if so, only if the Automation Server device is continuously in the foreground right?

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!

“can you trigger on server” -> yes
“only when server is running” -> yes
; )