IBeacons keep triggering

I bought a pack of Estimote beacons hoping they’d improve some location based shortcuts I have when arriving at work and home. The accuracy is much better, but I keep getting repeated triggers — sometimes several an hour — even though I haven’t moved.

The “Do not repeat for” constraint isn’t exactly what I want because I end up missing triggers when I leave home/work briefly.

I haven’t changed any of the default Estimote settings (other than enabling iBeacon). Any suggestions there?

It’s almost like I need to prevent a second beacon trigger until after I leave a geofence or something.

yeah, this is a common issue with iBeacons on iOS and I think part of the reason they are considered a bit tricky to set up properly.

on the beacon, you can try setting the “advertising interval” to 100 ms and experiment with the signal strength.

in Pushcut, there is a setting “Ignore signal loss” for beacons - more a compromise than a solution - but cranking this up should smooth things over with re-entering beacons (this will also delay the leaving events…).

I hope that helps.

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Thanks. That seems to be helping. I’ve been re-entering free for 56 minutes now!


Could you give me some idea what this does? I am guessing it waits longer and tries more than once to acquire the beacon scan.

By the way, would be great to have an RSSI adjustment in the app so that users could make the beacon scan dependent on distance from the beacon rather than just yes/no whether the beacon is seen by the app.

Thanks for the great app. I just discovered it and have been playing around with the beacon aspect.

basically Pushcut waits, after the leaving event, if there is a re-entering happening within the interval. this will obviously delay the leaving event, but can help smoothing over re-entering messages.

I just responded more generally here:

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