I would like to Automate journaling and import data from my Apps

I would like to Automate journaling. It can be in Day One or in Journey or Evernote or another app. I have all three of them. I want to take some personal notes as text that I type in Drafts and send it to this app. But the most important is that I want to have all the information that is already in a lot of Apps inside this application. I wanted to create this app myself but I have no time. If there is an app that can already do this that would be great. What apps do I want to have the data from:

  • Streaks
  • Health Mate
  • Fat Secret
  • Arc (better then Moves ever was and 100 % secure)
  • HeartWatch
  • Pedometer
  • Health (Apple)
  • Autosleep
  • Weather Pro (or another app that has the data for Belgium)
  • Fotostreat of that day like Arc does
  • Calendar 5
    Some of these Apps like Arc can export JSON format but I don’t know how to import them in the right format and layout.
    I want this starting from Today but also if possible for the last 5 years because I have been using all these apps and have the data for those 5 years.
    I want this as a kind of tracking and digital version of my life and all my data.

That’s a lot of different sources.

I expect some will require manual intervention, but iOS13 app updates may change some of that if the developers put the right Shortcuts integrations in. I would suggest waiting a little while if you can as things may well become a lot easier in the next few months.

In terms of finding someone who could build it for you, they would need to have all these apps, which definitely limits your pool of helpers considerably.

Have you considered tackling this incrementally (prioritised)? That might address your lack of time issue.

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Hi Sylumer.
Thank you for your suggestions. Starting with a few Apps would indeed be a good idea but I still need to select the right app to put all the data in. Waiting for IOS13 and more Shortcuts integration is a great idea. Are you running the IOS13 beta?

As well as access to sources, iOS13 app updates may give you more access to destinations too and that might help guide you.

I would also consider the input options, platform access and ability to export from each app. Longevity and transferability are key factors I would say, but for automation, you also want a solid set of input options.

I use Evernote and have experimented with Day One. I have never used journey. I therefore can’t recommend a particular one over the other two.

Another factor might be what each presents you in terms of options for what you want to do with the data.

I keep a work journal to help with my time sheet entries, but I don’t journal for anything other than that. Journalling can help people organise their thoughts and reflect on things, but when you start transferring this sort of data to it, you obviously have some other or additional uses in mind. Think about those uses (given the number of sources you must have a lot) and how you want to work with and refer to the data in those instances. It may be that only one app, if any, is able to support every sort of data interaction you might want.

Side note: just in case you just wanted a backup of data or to ‘really’ analyse the data then I’d be looking at a database or maybe file based storage rather than a closed journal with isolated daily notes.

Not currently. I had expected to by now, but some of the issues and challenges that have occurred would be far too disruptive to my workflows and I don’t have spare accounts and devices to test with impunity. It’s a real shame as I really would have liked to have been pitching in more to the beta testing of some of my favourite automation apps.

But there’s plenty of information about the sorts of changes coming to Shortcuts and how app developers are looking to take advantage of it that should give you an idea of the changes you can expect.

Your side is a great idea. Bringing the data in Ms Excel instead of closed journal would open a lot of analyzing options. MS Excel is also perfect for importing data.

Mentioning Pedometer reminds me I’d love it if Workouts++ could - via the share sheet - export a workout in a format I could put in my diary (in Drafts)>

I should ask Underscore nicely.

I see that Pedometer ++ can export a CSV file off all data. Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to do something similar although on a much minor scale.

For the past few years, I have been using this sleeplog https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/1f659b52b95043509ad909886ac6e9ab

It prompts me with questions about sleep and about the day ahead.

I also started using Autosleep again and I would love to combine the two.

Does anyone know how to insert information from Autosleep into this Shortcut? It is just the general info on the night’s sleep that one gets, in great detail, from Autosleep, which I then at the end create a new entry in Day One with.