I’ve got a good shortcut to start a workout, but stumbling on ending it

OK, so I’ve started to use an NFC sticker on my dog’s leash, so that I can just tap my phone to it to start an Outdoor Walk Workout. This is working well, however when I get home I often forget to end the workout. I don’t go that far, just around the block (approx 0.4miles) so not sure that the “when I arrive home” trigger would be a good way to trigger ending the workout, and also I’d only want that to trigger when I’m arriving home from a dog walk, and not say when I arrive home by car. Any ideas?

If I can’t have a logic to trigger ending the workout, is there a way to ‘trim’ the length of a workout after I’ve ended it? I.e. to change a 25 minute walk down to the ‘real duration’ of say 12 minutes?

Why not modify your starting Shortcut to create a Reminder with you arriving home as the reminder? That’s usually pretty accurate for me. Then you can end it and mark the reminder as complete. It’s not perfect, but it’s free to try!

There is a built in feature to do this, do you have this setting turned on?

So with the minimum radius that I can set for my arriving home reminder I’m likely to trigger the reminder about 75% of the way around my walk - though what I might do is try ‘offsetting’ my location to one side to get me closer to home before the reminder triggers.

I have that setting toggled already, it just seems that it can take 10-15mins before it notices that I’m home and not moving before it asks me.

I had this same problem- my walk is a couple times around the block, so a location reminder would trigger halfway through the loop.

Luckily, my dog is a creature of habit and we take the same walk every time. it’s about 12-14 mins, depending on crosswalks. I just set the start workout action to a goal of 15 minutes. If I forget to stop it when I get home, my watch buzzes me at 15 mins, so I’m only going over by a couple minutes.

Ah, I hadn’t thought to set a timed goal for the workout, I’d tried just starting a timer for 15 mins, but realized that though my automation was triggering, my watch hadn’t been starting the workout since I added the timer.

I’ve just removed the timer and changed my open goal to 15 mins - I’ll see how that goes over the next few days.

could you just put another tag that stops the workout by where the leash gets hung up or stored?

So it doesn’t look like there is an action to stop/end a workout.

The option of setting the workout with a goal of 15 mins seems to be working well. I get an alert on my wrist when that is achieved. I still need to swipe right and end the workout, but it’s less intrusive than a timer to prompt me to do the same.