I need help with this Read Later shortcut

I am confused by a ‘Read Later’ shortcut recommendation that I activated (found in the shortcuts app). In theory, it’s perfect for me in sending things directly to pocket.

The only problem that I have is that for some reason my iPhone 11 suggests that it is copying from the MacBook Pro when I run the shortcut on my iPhone… thus not picking up the URL that I am trying to send to ‘Pocket’ from my phone.

I don’t know what to change to make it pick up the URL from the phone rather than the MacBook.

What I am trying to do is use the ‘Tripple Tap’ on the back of the phone to activate this.

Can anyone HELP…?

Here is the link to the shortcut.



Whatever you are sharing to the Shortcut isn’t purely a URL. At that point it defaults to using the clipboard, and in this case continuity is kicking in and the last clipboard update is on your Mac, so it is picking it up from there.

If you always want to grab the URL from whatever you are passing in on your phone look at the get URLs from inout action.

Thanks for the response. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the above [quote=“sylumer, post:2, topic:10045”]
look at the get URLs from inout action.
[/quote] or more accurately how to go about it.

You just type it in. It is a standard Shortcuts action.

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