I’m dying here with the SwitchBot curtain closers

I bought enough for three windows and I’ve been having just the worst time. First, I cannot tell from the skimpy drawings which way the SwitchBot is supposed to hang: with the smooth oval front touching the curtain and the hook part pointing towards the window, or vice versa, with the hooking point towards the curtain and the smooth round back facing the window? I can get the SwitchBot to move, but it keeps wanting it to open when I wanted to close or closing when I wanted to be open, the right one is on the left, the left one is on the right, and there used to be a function that said switch, but I skipped over that screen because I thought it was set up right (spoiler alert: it was not) and now I can’t get back to that function to tell it to the right as the left and the left as the right.

So: My first question is which way are the curtainbots supposed to hang: with the smooth body towards the curtain or the smooth body towards the window?

My second question is how do you get the bots to understand which one of them is supposed to be on the right, sliding to the right to open and the left to close and which one is supposed to be in the left, sliding left to open and right to close. I seem to be missing a step here and I’ve swapped the parts front to back and side to side but I can’t get it to work properly. ugh. I seem to be missing a setting page? I can see that this is going to be glorious, but right now it is just fubar.

The box says “install in 30 seconds.” I assure you that this is wrong.