I launch Application followed by JavaScript and get an error everytime I run it

I have attached the script

And when I “run” I get this

with this underneath

Please advise
Ron from Canada

Misspelling. It’s includeStandardAdditions.

It’s usually best to work in the Script Editor until your script is debugged. You can also develop your script a line at a time to make it easier to understand where the problem is coming from.

And it’s easier for us if you include the text of the script in your question. We can’t copy and paste code from a screenshot.

Thanks drdrang

Good advice, I shall adhere.

Ron from Canad

Looks like I am back to the drawing board again… The java code did what it was supposed to do…But the problem I have now, is that I thought by using the action " Launch Application", it would move the current application which I thought was the application…

It just moved the Automator window to the requested bounds !!!


There are lots of window management and automation tools out there that can help you with this.

  1. Have you considered looking at any of these?
  2. Do you happen to have any third party tools that might be able to help here?

Side Note: JavaScript vs Java - I’ve amended the post title, they are far from the same thing.

I have purchased KM and was successful with some projects … But I have been introduced to Automator’s Quick Action and was intrigued by “Services”.

My goal is to create an action/shortcut/service to get this result
I have moved and adjusted to get it to be the way I would like it to be

This is what I get before I adjust…The elements are all there but it needs to be positioned the way I would like it to be.

How do I add the KM macro here ?

Ron form Canada

Quick Actions (née Services) are useful. They are great for file actions, and when you want to have something you can assign a keyboard shortcut to … when you don’t have something else.

Keyboard Maestro is a tool that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts more easily, and there are inbuilt actions to manipulate window positions that make it easy to do.

My question therefor is why your goal here is to use Automator to do this rather than Keyboard Maestro?

I would ditch trying to do it in Automator and do it in Keyboard Maestro - i.e. I would not call a Keyboard Maestro macro from Automator for this as Automator would not be doing anything that Keyboard Maestro couldn’t do on its own. Always seek to simplify, and never add complexity where it is unnecessary.

Your logic makes sense to me…KM will be a goal