I’d like to get help with a shortcut

How can I go about that?

Share what you want to do, how far you have got, and what exactly you are stuck on. Data and error messages can be useful. So can screenshots. But sharing a link to download your shortcut (in whatever state it is) is often the biggest help for people tying to help others with Shortcuts - it saves time, and screenshots don’t always tell the whole story when it comes to variables, collapsed actions, and field content.

Thank you, I will try to attach the shortcut.

Basically, I took a shortcut from MacSparky’s course and modified it. What I’m trying to do is add travel time going to and from meetings, starting from either your current location or a different one and returning to either your current location or a different one. I think I’ve just run into a mental block, but copying and pasting steps is a major deficit to Shortcuts. I’m sure the solution is simple, I’m just too simple to figure it out.

Thanks in advance to all help!

Add Travel Time to Calendar Event