I am looking for a Windows software that can record mouse click and keyboard action


I looked at Autohotkey but then I need to write a script and I have no coding experience. I want to automate in a Windows software to open a file, go to file save as. Overwrite the file and click on yes. Close the file. Go to open the next file in the directory. I need to do this manually hundreds of time and I want to automate that. I use iPhone and iPad all the time. But this software only works on Windows and so I need a Windows solution.


Maybe take a look at Jitbit Macro recorder.


I can help you write a custom AHK script if you would like. I just need some more details. What you’re talking about can be accomplished in just a few lines of AHK code.


Great. What do you need to know? It is Windows 7 32BIT if that is important. The steps are: File open. The select the the first document in the directory. Then click on the buton OPEN. Then File / Save As / Then select the button SAVE / Do you want to replace it and select the button YES. File Close. And then the next document in the directory.


Let’s move this to PMs for now and we’ll post the final script when you and I have fleshed out all the details and tests.


I have done this many times before using an Oracle tool called UPK (user productivity kit). I have used it to gather audit evidence as well as create training material for new users.


The data sheet for Oracle UPK only really talks about documentation of processes and content generation. It’s web page similarly so.

All I found one a quick read through in this was one reference that sounded something like this functionality was “Recording wizard enables any user to create and edit content in minutes”. Is there a source for more information on it’s automation functionality that you could recommend? E.g. an online user guide.


Before I switched keyboard maestro since I never used windows I used Bome midi translator pro, it’s primarily designed for music but is actually awesome as a trigger for macros since basically nothing uses midi, it can be used as a global event trigger system.


here is a video on upk, its benefits and features. You want to watch from 54 seconds on. The pages demo’d were accounting pages but it will work with any software. There are many Youtube videos on UPK if you want to see more. I like this tool better than straight video capture as I can control description boxes, mouse clicks, keyboard entry, highlighted areas and even add forks in the recording…if I do A, this will be the next screen. If I do B, this will happen. Replaying can be kind of clunky but it does the job. There is no sound recording.


I’m sorry, I missed the original intent of your question. If you are looking for a key logger, then UPK is not your thing. UPK is a training tool.