Huge language learning Shortcut

I have a very big Shortcut for learning Italian. I built it to allow me to learn by listening to sentences while running, and added in as many features as I could eg flashcard reviews, import sentences from web etc.
Previously it used a dozen sub-Shortcuts but I eventually amalgamated them into one to make it easier to share. As a result it’s big and clunky and I hate editing it. I’m hoping that iOS 13 makes it possible to share a Shortcut with dependencies in one go.
The listen during exercise method with your own selected whole sentences is IMO a fantastic way of language learning without sit down study. If anyone wants to use or adapt this Shortcut feel free. It should be adaptable to any iOS voice language but you will need lots of patience to edit it. If you’re a daily exerciser and want to improve your Italian while you’re doing it you’re so lucky!