Hue Smart Buttons Automations

I’m stuck trying to sort out a problem.

I have 5 different Hue smart buttons set up in my house, they are all set up in the Home app, with shortcuts to turn on different scenes at different times of day, or turn lights off if they are on. They have all been working fine, until today.

3 of the buttons are still working fine, but two have stopped working. They are both still registered on the app, when i press them the home app registered the press. However nothing happens. The shortcut set up for them seems to work fine, so if I go to edit it and press the “test this action” button the shortcut works fine turning lights either on or off.

So the button works, home registers the press and the logic in the shortcut works, it should all work fine, but nothing happens. Any ideas?

I’ve done usual of deleting button, re-adding it to home, rebuilding the shortcut etc with no luck.