Hue motion sensor woes

I’m having some issues of getting my set up just right and it’s driving my boyfriend up the wall.

So I have a hue sensor in the hall set up to turn on when it see’s movement and turn off 40 seconds later. This seems to work okay, the problem comes when your in the hall for more than 40 seconds. The light will turn off even if your moving about and and there seems to be a cool down period where the sensor will not reactive them.

This is highly annoying if you are say grabbing your coat and putting on shoes. They will go off half way through tying your laces.

Does any one have any advise on getting the 40 second timer to only start once it stops detecting movement?

The only work around I’ve got is to extend the wait period but not really the solution I’m looking for.

This is how I’ve set it up atm.

I have mine with a simple ‘turn on when motion detected’ routine but for the turn off routine it’s ran like this… (this is for a hall light)

It basically keeps checking for activity, if the light is on it loops through, after no motion is detected it turns the hall light off.

Hope this helps?

Hi thanks for this. This is the exact solution i was looking for ending up using the Hue app settings as i mould it kept turn itself on and interfering anyway. I will give this a try when i have built up some brownie points with the other half and can mess with the home home settings again

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Hey @kevlar what are you using as the automation trigger?

Hi, the trigger to start the automation is based on motion detection.