Hue light coming on by itself

I have pretty much every light in the house with a Hue bulb now and I operate them via Siri, Alexa, Lutron Aurora switches, Hue Smart Buttons, and a couple IFTTT macros, and even some Hue motion sensors.

In my office, I have three Hue bulbs: a floor lamp and two wall sconses (called left and right). These have been working forever, but recently the left sconse in my office comes on by itself a few minutes after it goes off. It’s not being triggered by the motion sensor, because they other lights in the office only come on after I move, not at the same time. The light is coming on and staying on all night too.

I haven’t changed anything recently and it’s only the one light. I did try deleting it from the Hue app and re-adding it, but that didn’t change anything.

Any ideas for how one tracks down what is triggering a Hue light? Any logs somewhere perhaps?

Have you been through the FAQ?

Yes, although the FAQ is outdated in its references to the Hue app.