Hue action in downloaded shortcut, but cannot edit/replicate

I downloaded a shortcut from MacStories Shortcuts library and it has an action in it:

Hue: Set focus mode: In basement via Philips hue

This action is not editable, and I cannot add a "Hue” action, nor does Hue show up in the Shortcuts App list. Searching for “Hue” in shortcuts returns no results. I need to change it as I do not have a “Basement” room defined, as my basement office is named “Office”.

I do have the Hue app installed.

I must be missing something, but what?

See if the details in this Reddit thread helps you

It most likely is a donated Siri Shortcut donated to the Shortcuts app.
Just create your desired Scene in the Hue app that includes the lamps that you want and toggle it on in the app. Most likely the Action will appear in the Shortcuts app for you to use in your Shortcut.

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As long as there’s a v2 bridge, etc. as per the above thread. There’s a few potential pieces to the puzzle, when it comes to Hue and Shortcuts.

I’ll give that a try, thanks I never actually use the hue app for anything, so if it’s only donated shortcuts that would make sense why they’re not there.

Yep, Hue doesn’t have any actions that surface in Shortcuts, so you have to manipulate it until the donated shortcut you want shows up.

I guess that is one way to make you launch and use an app…