How would I do this -- Automated Zoom meeting reminder to Basecamp team

As a minister, I’ve created a team for each committee in the church. I’ve also set up a recurring, though unscheduled, Zoom meeting for each of those teams. The members tend to lose track of that recurring Zoom link and have asked to have it sent out as a message on Basecamp the day before the Zoom meeting.

This sounds like a perfect candidate for automation. Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Does Bascamp (or the committee member’s browsers) not have an option to have a link or a reference document with a link in it. The ultimate automation would be to not send the same information repeatedly.

You note that it is unscheduled, but presumably it gets scheduled, otherwise no one would no when to turn up. Usually you include such links in calendar invites - but more for convenience when they are the same link each time.

I do not know the answer to your first question. The second one, though, I can. In Zoom, I can save what is known as a recurring meeting without a specific meeting date, essentially creating a dedicated link for that committee. When a meeting is scheduled – and announced in Basecamp but not set in Zoom because the dedicated Zoom link can be used at any time – people also receive the Zoom link in the Basecamp message. The trouble is that people want a reminder of this meeting a day before because the Zoom original message (with Zoom link) tends to get lost in the thread of messages since the announcement was sent out.

Clear as mud, I know.

Is there a way to pin a message in Basecamp?

Another option would be to use an app like Keyboard Maestro, and create a recurring macro to automate all those steps:

"- on every Friday at 8am,

  • open my default browser
  • wait 10 seconds
  • open a new tab to Basecamp URL,
  • wait 10 seconds
  • click button ‘New message’
  • wait 5 seconds
  • paste text T at coordinates X,Y
  • click Submit button
  • wait 5 seconds
  • close tab"

I’d give Keyboard Maestro a try, it’s specially useful for automating repetitive tasks.

According to the home page for Basecamp document and file storage is a core feature. So that seems like an option.

Also listed on that page is that you can e-mail in, which could be another option you could automate through practically any web integration service - Zapier, IFTTT, Integromat, Microsoft Power Automate, etc.

According to the online Basecamp help for the calendar/scheduling:

For events with specific times, you’ll get a notification one day before, and one hour before the start time.

Which sounds like a perfect match for your requirement.

Such great ideas. Thank you all.

I would schedule a recurring event in Basecamp with the Zoom link in it, and then that should do it! Pinning a document and storing it as a link also work—as does sending something to Basecamp on a schedule. But as Basecamp has a calendar feature that’s what I would go.