How to view text containing constructed HTML web page?

Is there a way to view a constructed HTML web page in Text node as a web view within shortcuts without sending it to Safari?
Thanks for any advice…

In lieu of quick look not working properly for me right now with rich text, the show web view is a viable alternative.

So yes it is “Safari” in one sense, but you are not jumping out of Shortcuts to use it so I assume that is viable for you.

Thank you, that’s a good start. Now is it possible to include HTML formatting in order to display text using a monospaced font? I tried a Div block changing to Courier New font, but it doesn’t display anything?

There are multiple ways to do this using standard HTML (and CSS). They should all work with Shortcuts.

I’ve added three to the Shortcut as example for you so you can more easily test and verify they work for you too.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, so much. I did get some success with style in <p>, although at the moment, the length of the text seems to chop off after a certain amount of characters.

It turns out not to be the length of the paragraph causing the truncation, it’s that there were < symbols in the text, and they were being interpreted as HTML tags, which of course were invalid, so no further text was output. I needed to replace all < with &lt and it worked.