How to using shortcuts app to Build a Business mileage tracking and log

Hi, Everyone.

is there anyway I can using shortcuts app to build a business mileage tracker and log.
my idea is using
my iPhone Xr’s NFC scan my NFC Tag.
when I get in the car.
when I get off the car i tap the NFC Tag again.
and automatic calculation total travel miles and log total miles and also log Start locations
and destination address.
ask input which client I meet.
log all these information to iOS Number sheet.


Shortcuts isn’t tracking your route taken, so I would suggest manually recording your start and end mileage. Any calculated distance could be way off the mark, especially if you use navigation apps like Waze which will route you around heavy traffic, incidents, etc.

I don’t think there’s much option for putting it into a Numbers spreadsheet. But there are alternative spreadsheet, database and file options that have sme level of export or direct compatibility with Numbers.

NFC use, calculations, and data capture are all straight forward functions for Shortcuts.

I’m going to call myself out on this one. There is better Numbers support in Shortcuts now than what I was apparently thinking back to, and it should be sufficient for logging something like this. If you store the file in iCloud, it could then also be accessible for you to work with across devices should you have multiple.

Here’s a sanitized version of a mileage log shortcut I made for my wife. She has a limited number of business destinations and her starting point is always our home, but she may be combining a business errand with a personal errand.

I tried to use a Dictionary as the basis for this but kept getting stuck so ended up using Menus instead. Welcome comments on how this could have been done more elegantly.

The plan is for her to use an NFC tag in her car to trigger this shortcut upon her arrival home. She’ll enter her ending mileage and the business destination and the shortcut will look up the business miles and any tolls from that and enter the information in a Numbers spreadsheet.

I assume that sometimes she’ll forget to run this before leaving the car so it doesn’t require entering the odometer reading every time.

Her main destinations are included here but since she could have new ones, I built in an option to message me with a request to update the shortcut to add a new destination, so she doesn’t have to manually enter the address repeatedly.