How to use Tile with Siri shortcuts?

I was very excited to see the Tile app in use in the Apple event that announced Siri shortcuts and I’ve seen a few references to using shortcuts with Tile online, but I can’t figure out how to activate this. I have the Tile app installed, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to activate it from the Shortcuts app…what am I missing?

There’s this on Tile’s web site that seems to provide the steps. I don’t have a Tile, so can’t confirm personally.

Thanks…the part that’s tripping me up is “Choose Siri on the options screen”…I don’t see any such label on this screen.

Has anyone been able to find this?

I have a tile. I check this out and see what I can find.

There is a new Siri tab in the screen for each tile.

I have a mix of tile mates, a tile slim and a KeySmart Pro.

It looks like only the tile slim is supported, the others all say “Not currently supported by Siri Shortcuts. Update coming soon”


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My Tiles aren’t showing any Siri options at all, and I’ve double checked the Tile app is up to date, odd!

Thanks, @psidnell! I still don’t have it (just now checked my Tile screen again), but I’m super stoked to know it’s coming.

Can’t wait to start yelling “WHERE ARE MY KEYS?” at my phone/watch.

Well it’s active for my Tile Slim and I’ve tried that out!

“Where’s my wallet”?

This whole thread lead me to find that all my tiles are dead! Less than 9 months old. I might not need Siri to control tile after all.

Bummer! They are supposed to last for a year, aren’t they? I am new to Tile – my husband and I both have activated Tiles in the last couple months. Hopefully Tile will replace them for you.

All my tiles seem to have updated and i’ve Been able to add Siri shortcuts to to the tile app for each of them.

Same! Looks like there was an app update yesterday…