How to use Siri shortcuts to make an automatic journal in Numbers

I am trying to find a way to make a Siri shortcut that can fill in cells on a Numbers file on my phone. I would like to track my progress with relational, physical, and professional goals (think Habit tracking like in Atomic Habits). I would like to be able to rate myself on a 1-5 scale and track progress month to month. Questions like “Did you exercise and follow your nutrition plan today?” or “How patient were you with your kids today?” would be awesome to track, but I can’t figure out how to add data to a cell in Numbers. Please help. I don’t see this addressed in MacSparky’s Field Guide.

To my knowlege you can’t currently do anything with Shortcuts to a Numbers file except basic file commands like duplicate it, move it, or rename it.

Hopefully in the future they’ll add more deeper control like this though.

// Edit: Actually I take that back — I just looked into this and you can do a little more with Numbers than I thought, using the Append function. Here’s an example script that creates an expenses sheet:

Thanks for thinking about this. Way to think outside the box. It makes a CSV document that can easily be converted to Numbers or Excel for analysis. You just saved me a lot of time trying to figure this out. This could take journaling to a new level. I’ve been wanting to start the habit, but had limited interest just burying words in a notebook or document. I will make a shortcut and post it.

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