How to use shortcut to get "what is my update"

this is probably a dumb question that most people in this forum know the answer except me

I found the siri command “what is my update” quite useful, especially during the morning. However, I have been asking siri manually. Is there a way to set up a shortcut that triggers this based on the alarm setting off in the morning.

If this can be done, I want to be a bit more greedy to add to more twist to this

  1. instead of using a straight time based alarm, can I use the output of an app, such as sleep cycle to trigger this automation
  2. Can I set up another shortcut to get siri to ask me for the alarm I want to set up the night before?

I came from using the Google Assistant routines (called bedtime and good morning) that work so well (but not the automation part) that I want to transfer to the Apple world.

As far as I know you can’t. Shortcuts can’t run vocal commands, and “what’s my update” is not available as a selectable action within Shortcuts. The best you can do is build your own shortcut that mimicks “what’s my update”, by requesting the weather, then your reminders, then calendars, etc. then ask to dictate the info. That’s much more work and less natural than calling “what’s my update”, but there you’d have full control.

A shot in the dark here - sometimes Shortcuts “understands” what you like to do and suggests it in the list of available actions in Shortcuts, even if it didn’t previously exist. When you browse your actions on Shortcuts, do you have something resembling “what’s my update” in the list of “Suggestions from other apps” ? I doubt it, but sometimes you find useful things there.

thanks, I wonder why, is that a technical limitation on the shortcut side that it cannot run vocal commands?

I think it’s an oversight by Apple. The vocal command is there solely to interpret what the user says with their mouth. Once the request is interpreted and understood, the action is performed locally on the phone with the phone’s data. This is proof that our phones could do it ! Apple just didn’t give ways to perform that from Shortcuts specifically.

I could understand Apple not wanting to add a generic Shortcut command “Ask to Siri: (some request)”, because it’s not secure and you don’t have control on what is sent on your behalf if it’s hidden in a Shortcut.