How to URL Cards?

I’m experimenting with URL Cards and managed to get stuck. I created a .json file and uploaded it to my server, but when I point the card to its URL, nothing happens. What am I missing?

Are you setting the URL Action to Get Contents of URL? If Save Result is enabled for the card, tapping the card should retrieve the contents of the JSON file and display it in the card.

This will be more useful when I implement a timer to URL actions so they retrieve the file automatically when the deck is open or in a widget.

Yes, that’s how I have it set up. I’ll DM you the URL in case I did something stupid with the file.

MFC Deck Autocuts, Triggers and Helper shortcuts need to be updated:

Let me know it that resolves the problem.

Thanks, that did get the card to update, but only when I choose Update Cards. Neither tapping the card nor pull-to-refresh causes the card to update to reflect changes to the remote file.

I’ve changed the large text in the sample I DM’ed you if you want to test this yourself.