How to sync iTunes Media folder (only for new files)

My objective is to monitor my iTunes Media folder on Hard Drive 1 (HD1) for any new subfolders/files that iTunes creates and then copy just the new files to a folder called iTunes Media on Hard Drive 2 (HD2) so that I have a perfect clone. I’d like to have the same folder structure. This will need to merge files if there are artist name conflicts (eg HD1 > iTunes Media > Unique Artist Name > New Album name.) Does anyone have any suggestions for how to create this?

I am currently monitoring my iTunes Media folder on HD1.

I am hoping to check any subfolders / files for recent changes and then copy the exact folder/file structure to HD2 (and merge wherever necessary if there are any conflicts.) Since I haven’t gotten this to work yet I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for how to fix the rules I’ve got started here? Thanks

since I’m new I wan’t allowed to post two pics initial rule so here’s what I had in rule 1…