How to set a time of a launch?

I have a java script what’s run by the Automator. The script calculates a time of its own next launch.
How can I run the script in each scheduled time?

I use the at command for dynamic scheduling like this.

If you check the man page, you’ll see the following:

     Note that at is implemented through the launchd(8) daemon periodically
     invoking atrun(8), which is disabled by default.  See atrun(8) for
     information about enabling atrun.

When you check the atrun page, you get the following details on how to enable your Mac to run scheduled instructions stet by at.

     The atrun utility runs commands queued by at(1).  It is invoked
     periodically by launchd(8) as specified in the
     property list.  By default the property list contains the Disabled key
     set to true, so atrun is never invoked.

     Execute the following command as root to enable atrun:

           launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

For running Automator workflows from the command line…

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much!
I’ll try to figure out