How to send Apple Mail to Omnifocus with extended data ...?

I have a number of emails that I need to get into Omnifocus, with extra stuff like a reasonable title and a due date.

For instance, like David talked about on the most recent MPU, a client will email me something. I need to do it today, but not now. There’s relevant project info in the email, which may or may not be scattered throughout - so just dumping it in my OF inbox with a due date & reminder would be a great solution.

The challenge is, the OF mail drop doesn’t support adding dates. So I’m thinking something with AppleScript might work?

Can anybody point me in a useful direction for this?

I have Keyboard Maestro available if that helps, so getting hotkeys and basic automation isn’t a challenge. It’s just more of a “how” at this point.

It is possible.

This thread at the omni forum explains a lot (never mind the sms reference)

Referencing mainly @joebuhlig’s git repo:

the article by @timstringer mentioned on the page seems to be a dead link now.

@timstringer, do you know where a version still exists?

I’ve got the parse script running every 15 minutes on my mac mini and see all parsed email appear in OF where they belong, with due dates and all.

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Pretty sure this is the correct link:

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Thanks @joebuhlig & @JKoopmans! I have it tested and working with email forwards. I didn’t realize that OmniFocus had the parsing language largely built-in, and that all that was needed was some cron-type code to auto-trigger a loop over the Inbox.

The Python auto-install script was particularly appreciated - even though it’s not hard to do without it.

Now I’m working on a Keyboard Maestro script to make a pop-up and trigger the forward, so I don’t have to keep remembering the syntax. :slight_smile: