How to run Omni Automation plugins on iPhone in portrait mode?

I’ve been playing around with Omni Automations and can figure out how to run them on macOS, and iPadOS just fine. The only place I haven’t been able to figure out what was going on was on my iPhone when in portrait mode. If I’m in OmniFocus on my iPhone, and I’m in landscape mode, I can see the automation button and can run automations from there. But when I’m in portrait mode, the button disappears unless I’m at the home screen or dashboard of the OF app. If I have an automation that I want to run, that requires a task or project be selected first, I can’t do it in portrait mode. As soon as I choose a task, I enter its information view, and there is no automation button. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help!

Same here, have you notified OF support? (I did that again just now adding the link to this page :-))

You should be able to run it from the share sheet. :wink:


You’re awesome! Thanks for pointing that out. Ironically, that was the first thing I tried, and didn’t see any of my installed plugins. Maybe it took a minute for the share sheet to update/refresh or something, and I just didn’t check it.

Thank you!

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@Kaitlin came to the rescue, just in case you didn’t see her reply.

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Given the discussion over on the Omni Group’s forums about this, what is actually passed to the share sheet that could be acted upon?

(Recall my case was a custom “+2w” Due Date bump so I’m wondering whether it’s only Shortcuts or eg Scriptable that can update a task in OmniFocus, or indeed the URL scheme that helps here.)

I really should play with this… :slight_smile:

The task itself is passed into the automation so this is very easy to do!

The action itself shows up in the share sheet once the plugin is installed.

I haven’t tested the specific plugin, but something like this (or an adaptation of it) looks like it might do what you’re talking about?

But if you just want the defer two weeks I can do a quick plugin file for you very quickly if you like as a demo!

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I did see @Kaitlin’s reply, but that does not completely solve the issue. The sharesheet only works if you have a task selected. You still can’t reach the other actions in the automation menu. And some will not even be active with a selected task.

I do still think this was an oversight on Omni’s part

I’ve found that between the share sheet and the automation menu on the ‘home’ page I can run everything I need, personally - curious as to what use case you have where you’re running into an issue?

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You’d take away my fun if you did that. :slight_smile:

Let me experiment over the weekend - as there are several candidate technologies I want to evaluate.

sometimes I like to trawl through my tasks and create some specific projects that come to mind quickly. I just find it breaks my workflow if I have to flip my phone over and use it that way just for one action.

I can do the work with the sharesheet, and flipping the phone, it’s just sloppy. (And I find the sharesheet cumbersome with these, but that’s personal)

I tend to agree even though I don’t have any plugins (yet) that require flipping my phone like you are. There’s plenty of space as far as UI goes, it’s just odd they only decided not to include it in portrait mode. :man_shrugging:

I guess I’m just lucky it doesn’t affect my workflow yet.