How to: Podcast episode from Overcast to Craft daily note (or other service)

Here’s my workflow for podcast info from Overcast to Today note in Craft

Apps used:

  • Craft
  • Overcast (podcast app)
  • Shortcuts
  • Toolbox pro

Steps (in order they run on my iPhone):

  1. When I open the Overcast app…

  2. …Shortcuts Automation “when overcast app is opened” runs…

  3. …a Shortcut that has following steps:
    a. Overcast: Current Episode info
    b. Toolbox pro: Get global variable “podcast episode”
    c. IF current episode title IS the global variable podcast episode THEN end the shortcut (so that I don’t get the same podcast episode info multiple times) ELSE…

d. …set Toolbox pro global variable Episode title to the title of the current episode
e. TEXT where I have podcast and episode info + HTML to make the info look better (< hr > at the end of the text adds a line to separate info from the next piece of data I’ll add to the note).
f. Add to Craft document “today”
g. open app Overcast (to return to overcast) - since I just added the current episode title to toolbox pro global variable the shortcuts runs until if-then and ends the shortcut.

(In the second screencapture there’s a step where the same data is sent to Airtable, you can ignore it :blush:)