How to locate URL scheme for apps, or is it even supported?

I’m trying to find out if an app supports URL schemes, and if so, how to locate the supported URL schemes.

I’m a long-time user of Sleep Cycle and after Siri Shortcuts has arrived, I’m trying to create a Shortcut that’ll dim the display, turn the volume up, set appropriate alarms, and then open Sleep Cycle and start tracking my sleep pattern.

So far I’ve been able to use the sleepcycle://start to let Siri Shortcuts open the app - it even does so with just sleepcycle:// so the app should support URL schemes, but I just can’t find the different things to do through Siri Shortcut.
I’ve done countless Google searches, gone through the developer’s app page, etc.

So, I was wondering if there is a way to locate the supported actions somehow, without going the iTunes for Business route of downloading the .IPA and going through the app folders manually?

I find that Launch Center Pro nearly always has as much detail as is possible, but some developers don’t support URL schemes beyond opening the app - it’s a shame but they don’t seem to think it’s worth it.

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I’m a user of Launcher, but this is the third time LCP does something that Launcher doesn’t do… maybe I should just make the switch🤔

But yeah, you’re right - there are just so much more power-users can do through URL schemes.
Hopefully, now - post-Siri Shortcut release date - we’ll begin to see developers beginning to include better URL scheme integration🤞🏻

Most apps don’t support URL schemes and even those that do, do not always suppoort x-callback. It is painful and when you contact developers the response is often that they have no plans to add it. That and native TextExpander support are unfortunately often "no"s when I submit support queries to developers about them.

Those that care enough about ‘automators’ to have a modicum of URL scheme support care enough to put that on their web sites, so if you don’t find it there, then it’s 99% likely that it isn’t supported :cry:

However, I think rather than developers adding URL scheme support we’ll be far more likely to see more Siri shortcut support through app donation of shortcuts. Hopefully the furtue holds a way to parameterise those and we can potentially even move beyond URL schemes to something more accessible to the user base - though I will miss URL schemes to some extent if we do one day evolve beyond them.


You’re probably right about the URL scheme vs Siri Shortcut support - hope so since that’ll make it a bit easier for users new to automation to get it up and running.

Anyway I heard back from the developer - no support for URL Scheme or Siri, and no support planned :disappointed:

So guess I’ll be on the market for a new sleep logger as soon as my new Apple Watch arrives - hopefully next week :slightly_smiling_face:

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