How to Launch a shortcut from image icon (Solved)

I have a widget that launches 2 Shortcuts, without problem.

//Setup for Launching ShortCuts in Script
//const SHORTCUTNAME = "Alarm_Set";
const XCBURL =  "shortcuts://x-callback-url/run-shortcut"
let cb = new CallbackURL(XCBURL);
let cb1 = new CallbackURL(XCBURL);

function OpenShortCut(){
cb.addParameter("name", "Alarm_Set");;
cb1.addParameter("name", "Get_Volume");;

… for this widget

The shortcuts are launched on tapping the widget

if (config.runsInApp) {

Actual, as you can see,I have 1 icon image add.
How i can launch one of the 2 shortcuts, on tapping the icon.
That way I could run each shortcut separately.
One for setting up my alarm

the other for checking my device Volume

Thanx in Advance

You would have to use a medium or large widget and assign a Shortcut URL to each WidgetImage using its url property. A small widget has only one tap target, so it can launch only one URL.

Ok, thanx, using this kind of url
stack1.url= "shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Get_Volume” (which is the solution part of this topic)

Correct. I have a similar widget (medium) with three stacks. Each stack has the url property set to a different shortcut.

Totally not related to the original question, but you can exit shortcuts directly without calling another app: Shortcuts (made by @supermamon)

Either copy the action into your shortcut or call this shortcut from the other. You cannot create the action yourself easily, because there is no SpringBoard app to choose from. It was created by modifying the shortcut file with a text editor.