How to have two specific songs play back-to-back, in specific order?

Hi all,

Random question - but figured I would check.
I’ve been reminiscing a bit, with music my folks played as a kid.

In particular, the Beatles. Off Abbey Road, “Golden Slumbers”, that merges almost seamlessly into “Carry That Weight”.

I’d love to be able to set up a SS, that will play only those two songs, in that order.

The only way I can see this happening, is to go and create a specific playlist with only those two songs in it? But then, there’s presumably no way to get the one to always play before the other?
Or am I missing a “Get/Play Song” action somewhere?

Any suggestions?

A playlist is exactly what you are after. Playlists are an ordered list of songs. Your player app should absolutely play the songs in the order you set. The only reason it wouldn’t do that is if you had enabled a shuffle feature to randomise the order of playback.

e.g. for Apple Music

…and a Shortcut can grab that playlist and play the songs unshuffled (and optionally on repeat).


For example. A couple of actions then assign your trigger phrase if using Apple Music.

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