How to get text from Drafts to Airtable

I have now wasted numerous hours trying to figure out how I can get the “Airtable API” Drafts extension to work. I downloaded the extension from Drafts directory.

The template that was supposed to be with this script doesn’t exist and I can’t find it anywhere. So I tried to make my own version of the template based on the examples given on the Airtable API instructions.

I don’t get an error, but the data I try to send to Airtable doesn’t appear there either.

I have made sure to give the right API key and base id.

All I want to do is to add a record.

I would like to see a template for a the Tapahtumat table in Ajanhallinta base with fields for Start, Description, Tags and Laji.

(Vittu is a the worst curse word in Finnish - I changed the original “books” to that when I got extremely frustrated. :smiling_imp: )

May I ask what happens if you run this as your script?

let base = ATBase.create("Ajanhallinta");

I tried this on my test base and got undefined rather than the name of the base. No errors. But maybe I’ve mistyped something?

If not, this might point to a more fundamental issue with the Airtable API action.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out in the morning. :+1:t2: