How to get audio from (e.g. into Auphonic)?

I’m live broadcasting on

It give me options to manually download recordings:

  • Full video MP4 00:47:37
  • Full audio M4A 00:47:37
  • Split audio tracks ZIP 2 FILES

I’d like to get those into somewhere that I can put them through Auphonic &

Edit: just to clarify, no problem setting up the Auphonic & part, it’s Restream that’s the issue.

Has anyone done this before? Restream doesn’t seem to have Zapier or IFTTT available.

Auphonic have an API you can integrate with directly.

The simple example section shows you how you can use curl on the command line to send a file to a preset set of processing. curl is standard on Mac and Linux, and you can also use it on Windows if you don’t have something else to work with an API with. From the simple example, it should be almost a copy and paste solution to get this working - you just need to put in your own preset id, path to the file to upload, and credentials to make it work for you

If you are on i*OS, then there are a variety of apps (including terminal emulators) that could support this, or you could use numerous coding apps to work with the API, including Apple Shortcuts. does not seem to currently offer an API, so there are not going to be any web integration services integrated with it without an API. It also means you can’t (officially) integrate with it yourself like you can with Auphonic.

A quick search engine query revealed there are some unofficial API for out there - use at your own risk, etc.

For example:

Obviously that’s going to take a bt more effort than the single terminal command for Auphonic; but if the potential savings are high, or you know how to program with Python or JavaScript, then it might well be an option for you - or even a learning opportunity.

Hope that helps.

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Hey Sylumer,

Thank you so much for the detailed response, and my apologies - I realise that I needed to be more clear in my original post so I’ve edit it to reflect that the issue here is not Auphonic/Otter (which I have working in perfect sync via Zapier).

The main issue is that doesn’t seem to have an API or way for me to start an automation. I want to get that audio (and possibly video too) into somewhere else e.g. Google Drive that I can monitor with a Zap etc.

Ah, that’s quite different!

They have lots of streaming integrations to push out content, but nothing else. It is like trying to walk into a building which has no doors when you want to integrate with services that have no API.

I would cuggeat contacting them on their chat or Discord.

Otherwise you are looking at automating browser interactions - that has come up several times on the forum if you are looking for ideas on how to do that.

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If I understand correctly, you are trying to find a way to get audio files that you have created into Auphonic and, but you are having trouble because you are currently using Restream, which does not have Zapier or IFTTT available.

One solution you could consider is using a third-party file transfer service to move your audio files from Restream to Auphonic and For example, you could use a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive to upload your audio files from Restream and then connect those storage services to Auphonic and using their respective APIs.

Alternatively, you could use an automation tool like Integromat or Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) to create a custom workflow that connects Restream to Auphonic and These tools allow you to create complex automation sequences that can be triggered by various events, such as the creation of a new file in a specific folder or the receipt of an email.