How to get an intelligible, text-based summary of today's weather forecast into Shortcuts

I’ve been trying to get a text-based weather report into my task manager and I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this. I’ve used both the Carrot and shortcut actions for a daily forecast, but the problem is that the text that comes back – I think? – is in an hourly format. For example:

43↑ 25↓ and Overcast
43↑ 33↓ and Overcast
46↑ 36↓ and Overcast
40↑ 33↓ and Overcast
37↑ 30↓ and Overcast
37↑ 25↓ and Partly Cloudy
38↑ 26↓ and Overcast
40↑ 28↓ and Overcast


What I’m looking for is something more like “Today’s high is XX today, and a XX% chance of rain with blah blah wind conditions.”

Do I have to parse this myself by first looking up the high, then the chance of rain and string together a bunch of variables, or is this output already available through either of these two apps (or something else?)


If you look at the Carrot Daily Weather forecast (e.g. for London)…

… you’ll see it returns the daily forecast over several days.

These get returned as separate items per day…

… so for the current day, you should just need to grab the first of the items returned.

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Thank you! Once I realized this was a list instead of a just a block of content, that pointed me in the right direction, to figure out that “get item from list” was the function I needed.