How to find AppleScript library

I’m in the middle of transitioning to a new MacBook at my office. Many years ago, I apparently installed an add-on Dictionary (library?) to AppleScript that included text manipulation expressions.


Eg, “splittext” and “change” in this example

For the life of me I don’t remember where I found this library AND where it is installed. I need to re-install on my new MacBook so that my scripts continue to run.

Any tips? Either possible online source for a library like this OR where I can find this library to simply move to new Mac?

I can re-create the logic of both the split text and the seasrch/replace through manual script logic, but I would rather not. Quite honestly, I’m more interested in solving the mystery of finding the library! I certainly have spent more time today trying to find it than I would have had I simply re-written the scripts!!

Looks like the SatImage commands, probably from their old OSAX. See:

That’s fascinating! It sure does look like the correct dictionary. However, I have no idea what Satimage is (well, I guess I do now…) nor have I ever (knowingly) installed software of theirs.

I wonder if they adopted this AppleScript text manipulation Dictionary from another source??

I appreciate the information, despite it further confounding the mystery! :smile: Cheers! — jay

Maybe you installed a Smile package at some point? (Not to be confused with the developers of TextExpander, etc.)

@eurobubba thanks for the response. I’m still not sure of the original source, but @_ron link to the satimage stuff solved my problem. That is, I was able to re-install the library. I appreciate everyone’s input. — jay