How to finagle to get content from Instagram to

Howdy! I’m new to the Automators Talk forum, but have listened to Automators for years. It just occurred to me that this might be the right place that I could get help with a issue I’ve been running up against.

I use Make to cross-post my Instagram account photos and videos to my, which is where I’m trying to amass a complete collection of all the social stuff I do online. I’ve got it working pretty well with a scenario running every 90 minutes to check for new posts, downloading the media and caption and then using an HTTP request to post it to Here’s a blog post that I wrote explaining how It all came together: How to Automatically Cross-Post from Instagram to with - HeyDingus

Here’s the issue: If I include more than one photo or video in a post, it only grabs the first one to post it to And ideally I’d be able to automatically combine photos and videos in the same post, so that it’s a mirror of how it was originally posted to Instagram.

Since the OwnYourGram service became unreliable, this is the best solution that I’ve been able to come up with to automatically get my Instagram content onto my blog at my own domain. I think I’d know how to solve this using Shortcuts, but I’m not familiar enough with Make’s tools to get the job done.

Any help or suggestions this wicked smart community could provide would be greatly appreciated!

(I don’t use instagram so can’t test this)

Does the instagram module give you all of the photos (click the inspector above the module after a successful run), and they’re just not used in the following modules, or are they not picked up at all?

If they’re picked up, but not used, then you may need an iterator to iterate through the images. Or an aggregator before posting to micro blog.

Edit: I’ve looked more closely at your screenshot. I’m pretty sure an iterator between your first and second module will be an improvement.