How to extend Eve Aqua with automation?

I am planning to install some sprinklers in my garden and being a full HomeKit nerd I was thinking to automate it.
There are some methods: go all in with Gardena being a closed expensive system. Doing it myself with raspberry pi. Or in between with Eve aqua being good hardware and HomeKit.
But, there seems to be no way to combine HomeKit stuff like weather prediction or using other sensors with the eve aqua.

Any suggestions?

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You can use all HomeKit-sensors to trigger the eve Aqua. With only eve-products you can do this in the Eve-app, with other you can use HomeKit in iOS13.

Hmmm. Here is my concern: Oddly enough, you can’t add the Aqua to any HomeKit scenes or automations. This seems to be Apple’s fault, not Elgato’s, but may be something worth considering for potential buyers

Found at:

Maybe iOS 13 has more power? More sprinkler aware?

Rachio on the other hand seems to be HomeKit aware, but would be running against the same limitations…

May I ask, how did you get on with this? Did you go for the Eve or some other timer? I’m looking to upgrade my watering system, because I need to control a booster pump and the watering controller with a joint accuracy of a couple of minutes, so I am thinking of HomeKit enabled power socket and a similar watering controller. The Eve has poor reviews on Amazon, but I could probably accept that. I’ve also looked at the Orbit B-hyve 94990, but that does not yet have HomeKit integration. Basically looking for advice.