How to detect (my) presence without using (the location of) my iPhone?

I want to detect my presence (home/away). This works fine as long as I take my iPhone with me.

However, I also want to do this when I go running (or other activities) without my iPhone.

Available sensors:

  • Apple Watch cellular
  • Front door open/closed sensor
  • Motion sensor near front door (inside)
  • Motion sensor near front door (outside; complication: does also detect passers-by)

Available automation platforms:

  • HomeKit hub (Apple TV4 & HomePod)
  • Homey
  • Raspberry Pi

What I have tried, in vain:

  • Home automation (“when I enter/leave a location”) - works with iPhone, not with Apple Watch
  • Personal automation (“when I enter/leave a location”) - does not work with Apple Watch (not tested with iPhone)

How can I achieve this seemingly simple (for humans), but rather difficult (for computers) task?

I’ve not tried this, but

  • on your iPhone, in Settings —> Privacy —> Location Services —> Share My Location, under My Location does it show both “This Phone” and “Cellular Apple Watches”?
  • on your Watch in Settings —> Privacy —> Location Services, is “Location Services” turned on?

I think that is the opetion that allows Watch to be used for location to trigger automations.

Hope this helps.

Yes, both are set.

However, I noticed that “Share my location” was enabled on the Apple Watch, but disabled on the iPhone…

Which automations can the watch trigger? Personal, Home, or both?

In that case, I am not going to be able to be much help, sorry. I thought that the watch could be used for triggering location in Home and Personal, but I have never tried it. It seems from a trawl of the internet that the location services listed for the watch are, perhaps, only relevent to Find My location and not automation.

That is unfortunately my experience, so far.

If you have homebridge installed, the plug-in Homebridge-People-Pro can work. It monitors IP address in the home of the devices.

One caveat, it needs about 10-15 minutes threshold setting or else it’s too inaccurate for when devices temporarily disconnect.

Yes, I do run Homebridge, but I’m not sure this plugin will help me.

It seems to be specific for smartphones, but not for watches?

(My iPhone stays at home when I run outside)

If your apple watch connect to your wifi you can have another computer listen to when apple watch connects to the wifi (meaning you are probably home).